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Living in the End Times (According to Slavoj Zizek) (2010)

Directed by

Written by
Slavoj Zizek
Release Date
Slavoj Zizek
Running time
50 min
Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek, akaThe Elvis of cultural theory, is given the floor to show off his polemical style and whirlwind-like performance.
The Giant of Ljubljana is bombarded with clips of popular media images and quotes from modern thinkers revolving around four major themes: the economic crisis, environment, Afghanistan and the end of democracy.
Zizek takes the opportunity to ruthlessly criticize modern capitalism and to give his view on our common future. We communists are back! is the final comment Slavoj Zizeks provocative performance.
Our current capitalist system, that everyone believed would be smoothly spread around the globe, is untenable. We are on the brink of the big problems require big solutions.
What remains of the left, has been covered in western liberal democracy and seems to lack the energy to reach radical solutions. No Zizek.

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